My name is Joann Swanson and I'm an Instructional Designer with a passion for simplicity. I develop clean, engaging, audience-specific learning experiences.





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Interoperability is a big word for a simple concept. Health care providers need access to accurate patient information. The best way to make that happen is to connect different information technology systems and build bridges among software applications. This requires a lot of collaboration on the part of different organizations with the same end goal: improve patient care. The Interoperability presentation helped our Chief Information Officer explain the concept and get the budget he needed approved.



Executive Presentation: Interoperability


Online Compliance Course: Abuse and Neglect


Compliance courses are rarely (never?) exciting, but they don’t have to be soul-sucking blocks of text either. Abuse and Neglect aims to help learners identify potential abuse and neglect victims and report their suspicions appropriately. I worked with a subject matter expert to write several case studies so our learners had real-world problems to solve. The course is quick, simple, and experiential.



Change is hard! And if you're in health care, the changes ain't gonna stop anytime soon. The aim of this online course is to help employees feel better about feeling bad. I worked with an awesome subject matter expert to develop engaging content, reflective questions with feedback, an interactive game, and a knowledge assessment. We used it primarily as a prerequisite to an instructor-led course, but it also works as a standalone sanity check.


Online Course: Understanding Change


Two Radiation Techs called me one day to say that their boss had paid their way to a conference and in exchange they had to develop an online course. Them: “This task is our punishment.” Me (silently to myself): “Mwah ha ha ha ha, I’m totally going to make you love what we come up with.” Together we defined goals and wrote clean, focused content. And then I brought out the adorable vector art. My techs were taken. They had begun this project with dread and finished it with love. What more could I ask for?


Online Course: Image Gently










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